The Box and Beermat Company

BBC is the only Belgian printer that prints beermats on an industrial level. In addition to this, we also produce corrugated and flat cardboard boxes, labels, serving trays, signs, packaging- and beer tap logos in both metal and aluminium and promotional material in various plastics, predominantly for the brewing industry.


Need several million beermats? 100,000 labels? 10,000 six-packs? 1000 serving trays? 100 aluminium posters?


Have no fear! Our motivated team is ready to provide you with an end product of the highest quality, under the best conditions and at competitive prices.

The Box and Beermat Company

Chemin de la Villa Romaine 1
B-7822 Ghislenghien (Ath)

Tel  +32 68 45 64 64

Fax +32 68 45 64 65

BTW BE 0459.344.389

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