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About us

The Box and Beermat Company was founded in 1996 by Jules Colen and Marjan Van der Heyden, two graphic designers who won their spurs in various international graphics companies.

From the start, a joint venture was founded with Slovakian printer PARVA, a partnership that still lasts to this day.

In 2001, construction of a new printing works began in Ghislenghien, Wallonia. Five years later, BBC became a key shareholder in the French label manufacturer I.G.P. As a result of the significant growth the company had gone through in previous years, a 5000m² logistics centre was also built in Ghislenghien in 2007. All of our manufactured products have been dispatched from this location ever since.


BBC uses the most modern means of production in all of its departments. Six-and seven color mid-format presses for offset, Sakuraï full automatics for screen printing and LED UV printers for digital. All of our production units use high performance finishing equipment and have a modern DTP department at their disposal.


As part of a sensible investment policy, BBC keeps a close eye on technological advancements in the industry, in order to cater to our customer’s future needs.


The more than 100 skilled employees of the BBC group are happy to help with your future projects. We love a challenge!

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