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In 2006, BBC became a key shareholder in the French label manufacturer I.G.P.. Operating from Nuits-Saint-Georges, I.G.P. has been the main supplier for Europe’s largest food and brewing groups for several decades. Its 85 staff members have a wealth of experience and knowhow to fall back on.

Printing is done on the most modern offset presses and punching and cutting is fully automated. We dispatch label shipments from our Belgian site on a weekly basis. Of course we also have the necessary equipment for amelioration, such as gloss varnish and gold and silver foil. We can even add braille.


In addition to bottle labels, we also offer keg labels. These are printed on special cardboard which doesn’t sticks to the kegs in humid conditions and can easily be removed in a cleaning machine.


We will gladly send you prices and models at your request.


Contact us for a price quotation 



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